Siding is a serious financial investment to your property. Our siding vancouver friends says: "Choosing the most suitable material you have to take into consideration":

  • its price;
  • longevity;
  • difficulty installation;
  • maintenance needs;

One more important issue you have to pay attention to is the climatic conditions of the area you live in. If the temperature varies from very hot in summer to freezing cold in winter, you’d better avoid vinyl siding. On the other hand, if the climate is damp, wood shouldn’t be your favorite. To help you understand what is good for you, let’s have a closer look at all the siding materials available on the market. Read more about Siding Edmonton Company.


The popularity of this siding material grows due to its comparatively low cost, and wide choice of colors and styles. The panels are very light, so they can be applied without removing the previous siding. Besides, vinyl is easy to install, so if you think of yourself as a skillful worker, you can try a DIY variant. Improved vinyl siding may be quite durable. Yet, it is easy to damage by a strong strike or hail. In addition, the seams are quite visible, which spoils the entire view.

Wood siding

This kind of siding is cherished for its natural beauty and warmth. Being properly maintained wood can be long lasting. The choice of wood and its price depend on the final covering of the material. If you are going to cover it with paint, you can use cheaper breeds of trees, but covering your siding material with semi-transparent or clear stain demands high quality wood. This material is easy to work with because you can cut any form you need. Nevertheless, it is not advised to use it in damp climate. It can be deformed by high humidity or damaged by rot.

Fiber-cement siding

For those, who don’t want to have much work maintaining wooden siding, there is fiber-cement. It is weather resistant and can protect the house even from the severest hailstorm. It can serve you around 30 years in a row. Fiber-cement is quite heavy, so your previous siding material should be removed, which can add 5% to the average cost of labor.

Brick siding

It can add a classic charm to any house. Brick siding can secure your home from weather extremes no matter if it’s hail, thunderstorm or extreme heat. Keeping bricks in good condition may take a lot of effort. Anyway, it can serve your needs for many years.

Engineered wood siding

Those, who love wood siding, but can’t afford it engineered wood siding is a great alternative. It comes in variety of styles and textures. This kind of siding can be used in the areas with high humidity. Its approximate period of usage is 50 years.

Anyone can find a suitable siding material for his property. Everything depends on the place where you live and the sum of money you are ready to spend.

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